Sunday, November 20, 2011

2 million views!

The video reached two million views yesterday.  Since one million views, the video has been on the Ellen Show and Inside Edition.  I was interviewed by a Canadian magazine, and will include the link to the magazine on this page once it has been published.

Also, Justin Bieber "tweeted" the video, which made the viewership go through the roof! 

We know that the popularity of these videos is short-lived, but are amazed at how many people around the world have seen the video.  We've seen it on Japanese, German, and Brazilian websites!  As a friend of ours pointed out, it's amazing how many smiles around the world that Rachel has created.

Here is another picture of Rachel from this year.  I'd like to mention that we try (nicely) in our house to influence Rachel's favorite baseball and football team.  I have her wear lots of Red Sox and Patriots gear, and Lynn clothes her in White Sox and Bears gear. 

(If she turns out to be a Yankees or Cubs fan, we'll be so confused.)

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