Saturday, November 14, 2015

We've Got Another Viral Video On Our Hands

Sorry for not posting for so long, but we've got three kids now and it's pretty busy around here!  We had a new arrival last March, and he's healthy and doing fine. 

Our daughter is doing well, and is enjoying school.  Our middle son is doing well also, and has become quite the character.

Here is the newest video to go viral.  Click here.

Also, if you watch the Discovery Channel Family on December 10, an old video of Rachel will be on there, where she tells me why she doesn't like Santa.  It's very cute and you can see it here if you haven't already.

Last but not least, click here to see our son at the doctor's office telling everyone "No more shots!"  It's very cute.

We don't get a lot of visitors on here, so please say hello if you read the blog at all!  We would love to write updates from time to time if some people out there read this!

For all of you parents with little ones, check out our channel for some good rainy-day activities.  For example, here is a playlist of dance songs to get your children some exercise.  We have a playlist for children's exercise videos and holiday stories as well.  We will do one for Thanksgiving soon!

Take care and thanks for stopping by!

David and Lynn

Friday, February 14, 2014

Jason's Japanese Television Appearance

A Japanese television show asked to use a video of Jason running from his shadow, and it turned out pretty cute.  For some reason the video may not appear on your phone - sorry, you need a computer for this one!

If you'd like to see his Japanese television appearance, click here.  He appears at 3:45.

The original video the show used is here.  Enjoy!

Toddler Exercise Videos

We've added a playlist to our Youtube account that our children enjoy.  It's a short compilation of workout videos.  I like the Fitness Blender the best, but the kids enjoy pretending to be animals.  If you know of any other good workout videos for kids on Youtube, please share them.

You can see the playlist by clicking here.

(There is no workout with the two songs, but the kids like to dance to them.  The Gummy Bear song will get stuck in your head - be warned!)

We're Having Number Three!

We're expecting our third child at the beginning of March and can't wait to find out if it is a boy or girl.  We also can't wait to get rid of half of the things that are cluttering up our house!

Click here to see a compilation of some of the things we've enjoyed so far as parents.  Hope you enjoy it.

Dave and Lynn

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Great Holiday Website and an Update

Here's a fun holiday website you might enjoy:

You can create a video of your family dancing to several Christmas songs and it doesn't take long at all to set up.

Here's how I've been doing:

I am expecting a new baby brother or sister in March (I don't know what it is, since my parents aren't finding out) and I'm now learning how to read.  I love books.

My brother seems to be quite the character too - click here to see a video of him running from his own shadow and yelling "No!"  At one point he thinks he's gotten away.  It's cute and very funny if you'd like a laugh.

Shaquille O'Neil tweeted about my video the other day.  Click here to see it.  It's so funny to see who has discovered the video!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Rachel's First Play

A little while back Rachel went to her first play. It was Grease (she's a huge fan). We were in the front row, and she behaved wonderfully. She had two dates - Daddy and Papa (her grandfather).

It was put on by the Coast Guard Academy, which is near where we live, and Rachel kept on pointing out when "they got a part wrong," since the play was different than the movie. She knows the movie too well! She did NOT like it at all when Sandy slapped Patty Simcox towards the end.

"I don't like this Sandy, Daddy."

 ("Yes, she's not very nice.")

However, all was forgiven when she was able to take a picture with Sandy after the show. Rachel was in her Rydell High outfit, which was a Halloween costume we brought out again for the show. It was a hit with the cast. I've included a picture of her at home before the show with her red jacket and pin, one during intermission with a sideways pose, and one with her and the girl playing Sandy.

Hope you enjoy the new pictures! Summer is approaching here in New England and we can't wait!