Monday, May 6, 2013

Rachel's First Play

A little while back Rachel went to her first play. It was Grease (she's a huge fan). We were in the front row, and she behaved wonderfully. She had two dates - Daddy and Papa (her grandfather).

It was put on by the Coast Guard Academy, which is near where we live, and Rachel kept on pointing out when "they got a part wrong," since the play was different than the movie. She knows the movie too well! She did NOT like it at all when Sandy slapped Patty Simcox towards the end.

"I don't like this Sandy, Daddy."

 ("Yes, she's not very nice.")

However, all was forgiven when she was able to take a picture with Sandy after the show. Rachel was in her Rydell High outfit, which was a Halloween costume we brought out again for the show. It was a hit with the cast. I've included a picture of her at home before the show with her red jacket and pin, one during intermission with a sideways pose, and one with her and the girl playing Sandy.

Hope you enjoy the new pictures! Summer is approaching here in New England and we can't wait!

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