Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Black Friday trick

A friend of mine taught me a trick a few years ago that helps you get Black Friday deals while avoiding the crowds.  It takes a little bit of effort, but it saves you a lot of time considering the lines you need to wait in on Black Friday.

This trick works for all items that are not "doorbuster" items, and may not work with items bought online.

The trick: go to the Black Friday advertisements (they can be found at, find the product you want to buy, and buy it before Black Friday, when there are no lines, paying full price for it. 

A few days later (don't go on Saturday or Sunday, I've found) go back to the store and ask to have the item's price adjusted.  Do not ask for a price match - a price match policy is different, since it involves the store matching another store's price.  A price adjustment involves getting money back from the same store that you purchased the item from, if the item you recently purchased goes on sale.

Most retailers have a policy that states they need to adjust the price of an item that goes on sale 1-2 weeks after you have purchased it.  When you ask for the price adjustment, the store will refund you the difference of what you paid and the sale price, giving you the same deal you would have received by going on Black Friday.  We've done this on a few occasions and it has worked very well for us.  I don't believe you will ever run into an issue with this trick, but if push comes to shove, you can ask to see a copy of the store's price adjustment policy.

Here is an article regarding Target's price adjustment policy:

I know this post is too late to be useful this year, but keep it in mind for the future! 


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