Monday, June 25, 2012

Special video for blog visitors only

Here's a longer video of one we posted recently on Youtube.  This longer video is listed on Youtube as unlisted, which means that only people with the link can view it( you can see it by clicking here)

 It’s an extended video giving you a better idea of how our mornings typically go.  Rachel now comes up with random conversations such as this one about once a week now - this one I decided to record since it was something she appeared to feel pretty strongly about - she needed to tell me that she doesn't like Santa, that she will on Wednesday, and that I will save her by hugging her.  Apparently she's discussed this topic with the kids at daycare too!

Lynn and I hope you’re enjoying the videos. Please become a member of the blog and share stories of your own or videos! 

FYI, she's never referred to herself as Rachel before...that was unique to the day as well.  You may notice my knowledge of the princesses is pretty weak.  The story there is that she gets tattoos from her daycare teacher of the Disney princesses when she uses the potty - which is going pretty well - but we're not planning on having her see a Disney film for a while.  She's scared of a toy Cookie Monster we bought her a while back, so we're guessing that Scar from The Lion King would freak her out.

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