Sunday, April 29, 2012

Update on the kiddos

We've got a baby on the verge of crawling.  Jason is babbling away lately (click here for proof!) and is rolling over daily.  He has a bald spot on the back of his head that just won't go away yet, and his mother is hopeful he'll start sleeping through the night.

Rachel is doing well and is amazing us with her vocabulary.  Lately, she enjoys taking out all of my records and asking about who each person is on the album covers.  She's randomly come up with saying "The Beatles are the best!" but always wants to hear "Fame" by David Bowie as soon as I put a Beatles record on.  She can identify George Harrison on the Hey Jude album but seems to think that one of the statues in the picture is a band member as well.

We are looking forward to the warm weather here in the Northeast and am wondering if we can get Rachel started on swimming soon, or if it's too early.

For you parents of young ones out there in the United States, we've discovered a great membership for children's museums, but it may be changing soon.  It's the Association of Children's museums reciprocal membership (link here).  We have a small children's museum near us which has a family membership for 75 dollars, and for 25 extra dollars a year, we get free admission into all of the participating museums as a part of this program.  Around March of next year, the Association's reciprocal membership will only allow people to get half price, so take advantage this year if there are several museums around your area in the United States.

Stay well!


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