Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Educational videos and James Brown

We can't believe how happy this new baby boy is...all the time!  Lynn and I thought Rachel was "easy" enough, but we're amazed so far.  He's ready to crawl and is talking up a storm (for proof, click here).

This month we thought it might be nice to share an educational video that we've been using with Rachel.   It teaches the months of the year, and she's learned it pretty quickly because of the music.  Click here for the video.  We sing it in the car quite a bit, but it hasn't moved ahead of the Alphabet Song as her all-time favorite just yet.

Also, there are some Youtube videos that have some really great stories for kids.  Lynn and I use a playlist for Rachel (link here) that has some Eric Carle stories - there were some Dr. Seuss stories as well, but they were deleted. 

If you have any websites or playlists with educational videos or stories to share, please share!

If you're wondering what Rachel is listening to lately, it's James Brown.  Every day on the way to daycare, she says "James Brown Daddy" and points out her observations.  "James Brown says 'ha!' Daddy" and "James Brown doesn't care" are common, as well as "James Brown is screaming" - the song she loves is Cold Sweat, so if you give it a listen, those comments will make a lot of sense.

She's very particular about her music, and now has a CD filled with songs she likes that we bring along for longer trips.  If you'd like the mix songs, feel free to drop us an email!

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